Our expertise in sustainability

Founded in 2001 in Luxembourg, FARAD Group is unique for its approach, which includes philanthropy, as well as for its strong focus on business sustainability criteria on the daily activities as much as on its overall business.


In 2017, this process has led the Group to apply for the B-Corporation certification that ranks FARAD Group among the leading companies for its Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) standards.


At a global level, only 2000 companies benefit from the “B-Corp” status.


B-Lab is an international non-profit organization promoting the motto using business as a force for good ™ who grants the B-Corp status.

Entrusted with label FARAD Group becomes the second B-Corporation in Luxembourg and a pioneer of sustainability and of Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) applied to the European financial and insurance sectors.


Over time, this approach has been reflected in the development of exclusive financial products such as the launch of European Impact Investing Platform SICAV-SIF (EIIP), the first AIFMD platform in the world dedicated to Impact Investing.


FIA Asset Management


Best of SRI funds and lines’ management is entrusted to FIA A.M. , an experienced Luxembourg-based asset management company, member of FARAD Group, which was awarded several international prizes for the quality of its financial performances and was given the title of “Wealth Management Company of the Year” in Luxembourg in 2016.

[image_with_text_over icon_size=”fa-lg” image_shader_color=”#002c5b” image_shader_hover_color=”#a3a3a3″ title=”Markets” title_color=”#ffffff” image=”18390″ title_size=”35″]FIA operates under Free Provision of Services regime in Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom. [/image_with_text_over]
[image_with_text_over icon_size=”fa-lg” image_shader_color=”#a3a3a3″ image_shader_hover_color=”#002c5b” title=”People” title_color=”#ffffff” image=”18390″ title_size=”35″]11 employees

50 as a Group[/image_with_text_over]

[image_with_text_over icon_size=”fa-lg” image_shader_color=”#002c5b” image_shader_hover_color=”#a3a3a3″ title=”Where to find us” title_color=”#ffffff” image=”18390″]Head Office:


Representative Office:

[image_with_text_over icon_size=”fa-lg” image_shader_color=”#002c5b” image_shader_hover_color=”#a3a3a3″ title=”Assets Under Responsibility AUR” title_color=”#ffffff” image=”18390″]Assets under responsibility:
>1.1 Bn€
>450M€ in advisory

(as per January 2018)[/image_with_text_over]

[image_with_text_over icon_size=”fa-lg” image_shader_color=”#a3a3a3″ image_shader_hover_color=”#002c5b” title=”Capital” title_color=”#ffffff” image=”18390″ title_size=”35″]€2 million
of own capital[/image_with_text_over]
[image_with_text_over icon_size=”fa-lg” image_shader_color=”#a3a3a3″ image_shader_hover_color=”#002c5b” title=”Asset Management and Due Diligence Team” title_color=”#ffffff” image=”18400″]The Asset Management team

1 Asset Manager
1 Junior Asset Manager
1 Analyst
5 operational staff

Due Diligence and Risk Management teams[/image_with_text_over]

SELECTRA Management Company


Best of SRI’s “ManCo” is SELECTRA Management Company pioneer in Impact Investing, thanks to the creation of its UCITS platform EIIP- European Impact Investing Platform.

[image_with_text_over icon_size=”fa-lg” image_shader_color=”#004631″ image_shader_hover_color=”#a3a3a3″ title=”Our Business” title_color=”#ffffff” image=”18390″ title_size=”35″]SELECTRA acts as Management Company for UCITS and as AIFM for other UCI: SICAV, Common Funds, SIF, SICAR, RAIF[/image_with_text_over]
[image_with_text_over icon_size=”fa-lg” image_shader_color=”#a3a3a3″ image_shader_hover_color=”#004631″ title=”People” title_color=”#ffffff” image=”18390″ title_size=”35″]15 employees

50 as a Group[/image_with_text_over]

[image_with_text_over icon_size=”fa-lg” image_shader_color=”#004631″ image_shader_hover_color=”#a3a3a3″ title=”Where to find us” title_color=”#ffffff” image=”18390″]Headquarter:


Representative Office:

[image_with_text_over icon_size=”fa-lg” image_shader_color=”#004631″ image_shader_hover_color=”#a3a3a3″ title=”Assets Under Management AUM” title_color=”#ffffff” image=”18390″]Assets Under Management:
>1Bn €
(as per Q1 2018)

Established: 2013[/image_with_text_over]

[image_with_text_over icon_size=”fa-lg” image_shader_color=”#a3a3a3″ image_shader_hover_color=”#004631″ title=”The Funds and platforms we manage” title_color=”#ffffff” image=”18415″]

4 owned platforms: UCITS – AIFM – European Impact Investing Platform

More than 40 sub-funds, 2 of which have been granted

the ESG label by LuxFLAG

1/2 of our assets are invested in Sustainable Finance