Both SELECTRA Best of SRI Balanced and SELECTRA Best of SRI Bonds funds are present on SELECTRA Investments Sicav platform. They are always fully invested and do not make use of any financial leverage or derivatives.
Since May 2018, SELECTRA Best of SRI Bonds fund is listed on Luxembourg Green Exchange, the first global green exchange promoted by Luxembourg Stock Exchange. Discover the dedicated section on LGX.


Fund objective and investment policy


The main objective of this Sub-Fund is to maintain the real value of the assets over the medium term by investing its assets only in shares/units of UCITS and other UCIs (the ‘’Target Funds’’) that take in consideration environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG) within their investment policy or portfolio management processes. Thus, the Sub-fund is a fund of funds.

To achieve this investment objective, the Sub-Fund will invest up to 100% of its Net Asset Value in Target Funds which primarily invest in debt and debt-related instruments. The Sub-Fund may thus be indirectly exposed to equity and equity related instruments.

The Sub-Fund may hold, on a temporary basis, up to 100% of its assets in cash or Money Market Instruments (i.e. cash and short term deposits, certificates of deposit and bills, money market funds)


Fund performance and Legal documents


KIIDs and Factsheets

Prospectus and other legal documents